Dubrovnik(Croatia), Hasselt(Belgium), Valencia(Spain) added to the city list!


I traveled around Spain for about one month in 2017 and I felt in love with Spanish food. The local food was rather cheap and delicioso at the same time. Among all the places I have eaten, Restaurante Navarro in Valencia was the best in terms of dining experience.

Valencia is the birth place for paella and it lives up to its reputation. The service in Restaurante Navarro was impeccable. I was lucky to get a seat at 9pm after stopping by at noon to make a reservation. After sightseeing, I went by again at 7:30pm to take a look how busy it was and they told me my table was ready! The turnover was super slow. If it was in another place, they would probably put someone there and tell him to finish the food before 9pm.

And when I tried to order more, the lead waitress said "No, that is enough for you. Trust me!" with a smile. Very professional. Anyway, I ordered a seafood paella, a glass of sangria, and an appetizer for about 32 euros.

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