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Bilbao (Spain), Pozega (Croatia), Montreal, Brno (Czech) are added! ...............................

We understand that sometimes you need to see how the other person looks like before making a decision on whether accepting the request or not. Photo does give people some degree of trust. Currently our website doesn't support uploading photos. (But you will be able to see photos with our mobile app.) It may sound like pre-facebook age, but after exchanging emails, users can ask for photos from each other if you really need to see it first.

Please remember that there is no obligation to meet anyone you don't feel comfortable with, even after accepting a request. But try to introduce yourself first and maybe interact a little bit. It would be faster if you exchange whatsapp or any other instant messaging apps.

*We have one more announcement to make. Our team has been very picky about the UI design of OodyMate mobile app and the whole process is going to take longer than we expected. It looks like we have to postpone the release date. We are very sorry but now we are looking at November 2018 to release beta version. Meanwhile, you can still send requests through our website and we will match you manually by asking people who registered as locals in that particular city.

Thank you and keep traveling!

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