How We Manually Match People

Ipswich(UK), Edinburgh(UK), Agadir(Morocco), Doha(Qatar), Takahama(Japan), Arosa(Switzerland), Middelburg(Netherlands), Norfolk(UK), Carnarvon(Australia), Cannes(France), Wroclaw(Poland), Utrecht(Netherlands), Vierlingsbeek(Netherlands), Neuchatel(Switzerland), Mojacar(Spain) added! .....................................................

How we manually match people before the app is released:

Whenever we recieve a request from you, we ask everyone in that particular city by sending out the information you filled in besides your email. The first one who gets back to us will be informed with your email. At the same time, we will also provide you with that person's email so you two can get to know each other before the dinner happens. (Again, there is no obligation to meet anyone if you don't feel comfortable with each other. And if you decide to meet up, please make sure you meet at a busy street or a station first.)

However, there are some cities that have only one or two users registered and due to their schedule or other reasons, they might reject your request. If this happens, we will let you know right away. If we don't recieve anything from them, we assume that they are still making up their minds and you won't be informed until the day before the dinner.

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