Beyond Nasi Goreng

Bordeaux(France), Clermont-Ferrand(France), Fribourg(Switzerland), Darwin(Australia), Murcia(Spain), Eupen(Belgium), Breda(Netherlands), Caen(France), Atsugi(Japan), Duluth GA(USA) added! ........................................

I was in Bali a few weeks ago attending one of my friend's wedding. I had no clue on where and what to eat. When traveling too much in a short time, I get lazy researching on food. Anyway, a bunch of us arrived at this restaurant to meet the couple. This place is what you would call "a local dining experience". The waitresses could barely speak any English but the food was genuine and good. In fact, I didn't expect Indonesian food would be this tasty. And it's very cheap. If you go, don't go alone and make sure you order that duck in ginger sauce.

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