Best Shibuya Restaurants for First Time Visitors to Tokyo

No visit to Tokyo would be complete without spending time in the Shibuya district. Famous for its iconic scramble crossing, Hachiko statue, and enough shops to kill all your credit cards, by night it’s also a lively entertainment hub filled with restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. There are so many Shibuya restaurants to choose from covering every kind of cuisine, check out our top recommendations by locals for travelers in Tokyo.

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Best Breakfast in Shibuya

If you’re starting your day off in Shibuya, then there are plenty of options for breakfast or brunch. One of the most popular spots is Bills in Omotesando which is around a 15-minute walk from Shibuya station. It’s best to get there as early as possible and avoid weekends when the lines are huge! Bills serves breakfast until 11 am and has an extensive breakfast menu that includes juices, granolas, baked goods, and cooked dishes.

Another popular option for breakfast in Shibuya is the restaurant at the Trunk Hotel. You can choose from Western breakfast items such as pancakes, avocado toast, and eggs benedict. Prices start from around 1,000 yen per dish and breakfast is served from 7 am until 11 am.

Japanese fluffy pancakes are also a must-try item when in Tokyo. If you feel like eating pancakes in Tokyo for breakfast then try eating out at Shiawase no Pancake in Shibuya, part of a pancake chain that has standalone pancake dishes along with pancakes and omelet sets. Their pancakes also make for beautiful Instagram photos!

Best Lunch in Shibuya

For lunch in Shibuya, there are hundreds of cafes in the area to choose from. A few favorites include Alee Beach, which has a Hawaiian themed menu, cocktails with parasols, and a real sand floor inside. Over towards Omotesando you’ll find Aoyama Flower Market Tea House, an Instagrammer’s dream café set inside of a flower market serving lunch sets that include Japanese dishes such as Omurice, which also has a huge selection of teas to choose from. Finally, if you’re looking for a healthy option try Mr. Farmer, an organic restaurant that serves salads, protein plates, and also has a vegan menu.

Best Coffee Break in Shibuya

The Shibuya district is probably home to the largest concentration of cafes in Tokyo, from chains such as Starbucks to independent roasteries, and themed cafes. A couple of fun places to stop for coffee include Reissue, located towards Harajuku, where the baristas will serve up a 3D latte based on any photo you show them. If you’re just looking for a quick coffee stop the Henn Na Café has a robot barista called Tom serving up hot drinks!

Best Dinner in Shibuya

If you want to try a Japanese izakaya and are on a budget, then try eating at Hanbey. They’re a cheap and cheerful chain of retro, Showa themed izakayas popular with students, and most branches also have English language menus.

For something a bit fancier, the Daikanyama area of Shibuya is very trendy and a popular date spot for Japanese couples. There’s a huge selection of restaurants to choose from but one of our favorites is the Spring Valley Brewery, which has outdoor seating and brews craft beer onsite. Another Daikanyama hotspot is Ivy Place, serving up delicious pizzas and pasta with a Japanese twist.

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