Why OodyMate?

When traveling in a new place, there are plenty of things to see and do during the day. But after dark, museums have closed, and sightseeing is not an option--the perfect time to take advantage of one of the most important cultural aspects of any city--the food scene! But communicating with locals can be difficult, so we are often left on our own, either using online recommendation sites, or just wandering around until we find something good. On the other hand, students and working people often have free time in the evenings -- the perfect opportunity to have a unique experience and meet someone new! Rather than scrolling through social media of going out alone, OodyMate lets you form a real connection with someone with similar interests, and allows you to share a meal together.

The service of OodyMate is very straightforward – to enable people to meet through food. With the common interests, breaking the ice is already taken care of! With the intuitive interface and intelligent matching platform, OodyMate eliminates all of the unnecessary effort in meeting people, and gets right to the point—the social food experience!

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