Our mission is to connect foodie travelers globally so we're hosting online challenges that everyone can participate in for the chance to win a prize! 

"Strike a Pose Food Challenge" on Instagram

"Vegan Kung-Fu Master"

Participating Period

From today  to  Feb. 15th, 2020


1. Must involve food in some way

2. Maximum 3 photos in one post

3. One entry per person

4. Caption your photo

5. Hashtag #oodymate #localfoodwithlocals

6. Photoshop is allowed

7. Use your sense of humor and get creative!


Top 10 posts with the most likes will receive a USD100 or equivalent Amazon E-Gift Card

OodyMate Staff Picks

We will pick 5 posts that we think they are the funniest and each will receive a USD100 or equivalent Amazon E-Gift Card

How to get the prize

Send us a screenshot of the likes on your post along with your user profile name on OodyMate to  foodchallenge@oodymate.com  before Feb. 17th, 2020.


That’s it!

Winners will be announced on the official OodyMate Instagram.

Tips for getting OodyMate Staff Picks

-No sexual/obscene content

-Japanese food is a plus

-Make us smile

-Include yourself in the photo

For inquiries, please contact us at  foodchallenge@oodymate.com

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